Welcome to Betreutes Basteln!

The german term Betreutes Basteln can be translated by assisted hacking. Betreutes Basteln's self-set goal is to show and explain the inner workings of nowadays common electronic devices to the interested reader. Most of these devices provide much more computing power than mainframe computers from the past.

Betreutes Basteln will introduce new devices in loose order and add new insights to already known devices.

Note: Main content on this site is in german language. Depending on spare-time articles may be translated to english.

First of all

Betreutes Basteln examines a state of the art cable STB/PVR manufactured by Samsung as SMT-G7400. Liberty Global's and UPC's customers know this device as Horizon. Continue reading..

Followed by

The next covered device is also a cable STB/PVR manufactured by Echostar. As far Betreutes Basteln knows it is sold or rented exclusively by german cable operator Unitymedia for use with Unitymedia's network.

For Unitymedias' customers the Echostar HDC-601DER is the Horizon's predecessor. It's easy to get hold of one, so it's a cheap start to test some common technologies like firmware updates. Continue reading...


The blog gathers any (funny) insights on all devices without any schedule. Articles may give - whether consciously or subconsciously - more detailed information on some devices.
But be careful, content is not always easily digestible.